The Greatest Computer

The Collection

My Mac collection consists of pre Intel Mac models. One day I might get a eMac G4 or a G5 PowerMac but right now they are too expensive 🙂

68000 Macs

PowerBook 150

I picked up this MINT PowerBook on eBay for 25.50 inc. p&p.

It runs System 7.0.1 very nicely. It serves as a ClarisWorks machine.

PowerPC Macs

 iMac  G3

This one was also picked up on eBay for £15.

It is a DV+ from 2000. 450 MHz PowerPC 750 (aka G3) OSX 10.2. 1 GB of RAM.

Yes, the collection is small, but it is growing all the time. My Macs are the only Macs in a PC household.

Feels nice to ‘Think Different’ from most people. (The only Macs in my family are my old ones and my uncles MacBook Air.)




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