The Greatest Computer

Ejecting CDs, if all else fails

I tried to put Ubuntu on my 10 year old iMac. It would not boot off the CD, despite me holding the ‘C’ key and pressing ‘Option’ to get into the boot manager thingy.  So I booted into X, and dragged the CD into the trash. Errrrrrrrrrr! It certainly sounded like it was ejecting, but the CD stayed in the drive. Tried the emergancy eject trick where you reboot and hold down the mouse clicker, but to no avail. Finally I turned the machine off, shoved pliers into the slot loading drive and yanked it out.  Oh well, I was going to buy a SuperDrive anyway. 🙂

Edit: Pliers?? I meant tweasers.

PowerMac G4: Leopard and Recording

The iMac can’t run Leopard. Even if it had a G4, PCI graphics are not supported. The only machine I know of that can run Leopard with a G4 upgrade is the PowerBook ‘Pismo’ .

So what about a PowerMac G4? LEM tells me that despite a slow CPU (400 MHz),  these can run Leopard with a RAM upgrade.

So here goes…


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